Art Exhibition

Contemporary Art from China, Indonesia & Singapore

Dayang's Art represents artists from China, Singapore and Indonesia. We concentrate on artists in the emerging countries that play an important role in the global economy. The artists show their observation on their social environment. In their own talented and creative way they present their hopes and dreams of living as a global citizen. Their works are selected based on their solid values of self-determination, creativity, originality and their desire of exploring their limits and boundaries. They all value the importance of preserving their rich heritage and culture. The combination of their heritage and their modern concept of ideas in their work merge into a form of expression in contemporary art that is very unique.

The collection of paintings, sculptures and photography works reveal how deep the influence of each other's economic development has been on the works of the artists. We hope to expose their works to a wider public and will also reinforce the importance of their work to a wider community of collectors. We respect and value diversity and difference and hope to play a role in the development of Contemporary Asian Art.

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