Meet the Teacher

Introducing our Academic Staff

Dr. Julianne Huh: GM/ Program Director

  • Doctorate degree in Education from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA

  • 10 years teaching experience ( 5 years teaching preschool English)

English Teachers

Lisa Chen: Head English Teacher / Ladybirds homeroom teacher and Ladybugs, Butterflies English teacher

  • B.S in Education from University of TexasAustin, USA

  • 6 years preschool teaching experience

Nick Caldarelli: Dragonfly home room teacher and Grasshopper's English teacher

  • B.A in English/Japanese from University at Buffalo, Amherst, New York, USA

  • Oxford TEFL Certificate in Teaching English

  • CELTA Certificate in Teaching English

  • 3 years teaching Elementary and Kindergarten English in Chinese schools.

Grace Fletcher: Grasshoppers homeroom teacher / Dragonflies English teacher

  • Bachelor of Arts in English/ Minor in Communications, Guilford College, North Carolina, USA

  • Taught 2 years in the United States

  • A year of teaching toddler gymnastics alongside Olympian, Amanda Borden.

Chinese Teachers

Michelle Meng: Butterflies homeroom teacher / Chinese language teacher and CCC Supervisor

  • Diploma in Preschool Education / Teaching from Beijing Normal University & KLC School of Education in Singapore

  • 17 years preschool teaching experience in Singapore & China (9 years in Singapore)

Vicky Zhang: Ladybug home room teacher and Chinese language teacher

  • Diploma in Preschool Education/ Teaching from Beijing Normal University & KLC School of Education in Singapore

  • 12 years preschool teaching experience (10 years in Singapore)

Beini Xu: Dragonflies homeroom teacher/Chinese language teacher

  • B.A in Early Childhood Education, Huadong Teachers' University, 2010

  • Diploma in Computer Science, East China Normal University

  • Preschool Chinese Teacher for 4 years

  • Child Care Center Assistant for 3 years

Eline Qin: Butterflies teacher/Arts teacher

  • B.A. in Design, Nanjing Finance University

  • Preschool Chinese Teacher for 4 years

  • Art teacher for 3 years

Ada Rao: Ladybugs homeroom teacher / Chinese language teacher/Arts teacher

  • B.A. in Hunan University of Arts and Sciences and majored in Watercolor Painting.

  • 2 years sketching and watercolor teaching experience for children.