Terrace, Balcony and Patio

  • Minimum 2-meter depth, allowing dining on balcony

  • Wrought-iron grillwork, wooden railing and flower boxes

  • Terra-cotta tile flooring


  • Red luan wooden pane French windows with double glazing, solid brass hardware


  • Apartment entry doors-solid oak with solid brass fittings

  • Interior doors-oak with solid brass fittings

  • French doors-solid red luan wood, double-glazed window panes, and solid brass fittings


  • Custom-designed octagonally shaped terra-cotta tile flooring

  • Custom-designed cabinetry built to international standards

  • Cream-colored granite countertops

  • Refrigerator with automatic ice-maker, offered in 18,22, and 28 cubic meter varieties (for two, three, and four bedroom/penthouse units respectively)

  • Dishwasher

  • Moen quartz epoxy double sink, fitted with ISE garbage disposal

  • Four-burner gas cook-top stove and 90cm-wide electric oven with self-cleaning removable panels

  • Telephone and TV outlets

  • High power exhaust fan sufficient for Chinese cooking

  • Cove lighting under cabinets

  • Custom-designed wrought-iron ceiling light

Utility Room

  • Full-size washer and dryer, outside ventilation for dryer

  • Solid oak custom-designed cabinetry built to international standards

  • Custom-designed octagonal terra-cotta tile flooring

Master Bathroom

  • KOHLER Fixtures and faucets

  • Solid oak custom-designed medicine cabinets built to international standards

  • KOHLER Bathtub, 81cm depth

  • Custom-made tiled shower stall with granite base and glass door

  • Ivory colored Taos tile walls and flooring

  • Ivory colored granite countertop

  • Anti-fog mirror

  • Recessed down-lighting over sink

  • Ventilating fan with light

  • Heat lamp with light and fan

  • Television outlet in larger apartments

Guest Bathroom

  • KOHLER Fixtures

  • Moen faucets

  • Ivory colored Taos tile walls and flooring

  • Ivory colored Taos tile walls and flooring

  • Solid oak custom designed medicine cabinet and lower cabinet built to international standards

  • Recessed heat lamp with light and fan

  • Recessed down-lighting over sink

Powder Room

  • KOHLER Fixtures and faucet

  • Oak wood wainscoting and flooring

  • Pedestal washbasin


Living Room, Dining Room

  • Views in two or more directions

  • Compass wood flooring

  • Ceiling outlets for optional use

  • Crown molding and chair railing

  • Telephone and TV outlets


  • Ivory colored deep-pile carpeting

  • Spacious closets with built-in storage