Wonderful World Of Learning Center

The Wonderful World Learning Center (WWL) staff developed a program for different age groups that provides plenty of opportunity for free-play, exploration and language development. Our playroom for the Butterflies is specially designed to provide toddlers who are ready to explore beyond the boundary of their home. This special time will also be their first experience of social interaction with children of a similar age group as well as first separation from you, the parents. At this time, they find out their most important learning experiences from one another facilitated by our qualified trained staff in our safe positive and encouraging atmosphere.The bilingual learning environment also promotes their language learning skills with daily English and Chinese thematic circle time. 

The Children have free playtime, which includes fun in our indoor and outdoor play areas. They are equipped to promote both fine and gross motor skills and many more. Let your child move, imagine, explore and create under the caring supervision of our experienced and dedicated team.

Junior toddlers, our Ladybugs Ladybirds & Grasshoppers are taking huge developmental steps both physically and socially. Our bilingual groups provide children with an excellent environment to develop these skills in both English and Chinese through circle time activities, which include action songs, finger-play, rhymes, stories and music and movement. Children of this age have a growing awareness of their individuality and a need to express themselves; we encourage self-expression through arts and crafts with a wide range of sensory-tactile materials. We believe creating is fun. They also experience improvements in gross and fine motor skills, which open up a world of possibilities. Their social and language skills increase rapidly as they develop an interest in being part of a social group. We try to enhance these skills together with their self-esteem. The thematic curriculum is developed  to encourage children to become critical thinkers, promoting children to have discovering minds.


The Dragonflies: Children of this age consider themselves 'big girls & boys' and will soon go on to 'big school'. Our daily preschool program reflects the general Kindergarten routines with dedicating time periods for specific tasks, e.g. interactive and listening time, setting up and packing away... Such tasks develop the self-help skills required to be 'school-ready', both emotionally and socially.

As part of the Kindergarten curriculum, we offer early literacy program to cultivate an important habit and interest in reading in their early years. This aspect of our Pre-school program serves various purposes including literacy, independence and choice, responsibility for property, and learning procedure.


The Wonderful World of Learning offers a pre-school program for children from 18 months:

Butterflies 18 ~ 28 months - max 30 children
Ladybugs 28 ~ 35 months - max 10 children
Ladybirds 28 ~ 35 months - max 12 children
Grasshoppers 36 ~ 44 months - max 15 children
Dragonflies 45 months & above - max 12 children

Hours of Operation

The program is conducted between the hours of:

·8:30 to 12:00or 9:00-12:30 those enrolled in our 3-hour play group (18 ~ 28months, pick up  and drop off times vary according to different groups) 
·8:30 to 13:00 for those enrolled in our half-day program  (28 months +) 
·8:30 to 15:30 for those enrolled in our full-day program   (28 months +)

We provide freshly cut fruits & vegetables with water as refreshment for snack time. Lunch is available for both Half-day and Full-day programs (vegetarian meal available), prepared by the Racquets restaurant chefs.

Afternoon Program

·Monday - Cooking & Cutting 
·Tuesday – Painting &Drawing
·Wednesday – Swimming(learn to swim with qualified instructors) 
·Thursday - Fun & Fit (gym lesson with qualified instructor) 
·Friday – Music and Movement/English storybook reading

Bilingual Education

WWL offers a complementary education in two languages. English and Chinese are treated with the same importance. The teachers speak to the children always in one language, i.e. the English-speaking teachers use English only while the Chinese speakers use Chinese only when talking to the children. We believe that the easiest way to pick up a language is to begin as early as possible. Our bilingual environment allows the children to take both languages as natural and normal.

For further information please contact the WWL directly at 2201 0870 or visit our websitehttp://www.wonderfulworldoflearning.com/index.php 

When deemed necessary, the WWL CCC reserves all rights to make changes to program structures, groupings and curriculum through the duration of the year.