Fusion Tennis Performance Program

Graduate Team (GT)

Graduate Team is an invitational program where the players are ready to develop their tennis on a 60-ft. court (3/4 court), with some skill development on 36-ft. court (half court) and 78-ft. court (full court). There is a strong focus on player technical development and tactical awareness with an introduction to point play & match play through various point situation and decision making exercises. Players are introduced to the leagues competitions and some tournaments. The predominant ball is ORANGE.

75-minutes per session

A-Team (AT)

A-Team is the first 78-ft. (full court) program in the Fusion Performance Tennis Pathway. The predominant ball is GREEN. Smaller court sizes and shapes and orange balls are also used for skill development. Players in A-Team are continuing their stroke development on fundamental and specialty shots as well as a strong focus on movement development. Understanding and playing with/against different game-styles is also developed. Players are encouraged to play club leagues and tournaments to develop their tactical awareness.

75-minutes per session

Performance Team

Competition Players Program leading to high performance tournament tennis. PT is a program for players already at a competition level and competing on a regular basis at club-level and possibly at external tournaments. Technical, tactical, physical and mental skill development is included in the program with a focus on movement and consistency. Singles and doubles match play strategies will be developed in within the program. 

90-minutes per session

Top Team

This program is designed for juniors who have experience in competitions and who are aspiring to competing in tournaments at an international level and are improving their tennis level to help them to gain assistance with their entry to some US Colleges. The program caters for players limited in availability due to school commitments but aspiring to higher level tennis pursuits.   A higher level of technical and tactical development is included, and physical and mental skills are enhanced.  There is a focus on tactic and strategy development for singles and doubles. 
Players in Top Team are encouraged to compete at club level and external tournament level on a regular basis where appropriate.

120-minutes per session

High Performance Training Program

This program is designed for players with goals of playing at an international level as Junior and Senior players. These player' take there pursuits very seriously and are committed to train within a high performance environment; they are prepared to sacrifice some things within their current life to excel in others; they are very committed to the requirements and they show this through their training efforts. 

Players involved work within a periodized program and are monitored and held accountable to their results, goals and ongoing improvements. They will be exposed to high performance player development techniques both on & off court working with coaches with international experience.  

Our goal here in the Fusion High Performance Tennis Program is to create opportunities for players with the attitude, effort, aspiration, ambition and motivation to compete both domestically and internationally.

120-minutes per session

For more information on any Performance Tennis programs at SRC please contact Shahnawaz Ahmed, Performance Program Manager atshahnawaz.ahmed@fusionchina.net